Međunarodna energetska konferencija o biomasi i obnovljivim izvorima energije

Budućnost bioenergije u odnosu na fosilna goriva

Family Ravlic in DI Slavonia Opened Another CHP Plant of 4.6 MW of Electricity and 8 MW of Heat

This respectable cogeneration plant on biomass of investors Slavonija OIE (Slavonia RES), worth 17 mil. EUR, enables to this veneer and flooring factory from Slavonski Brod, Slavonia DI, maximum utilization of wood waste, which makes them completely energy independent of other energy suppliers. Electricity of 4.6 MW, Slavonia DI sales to HROTE, while 8 MW of thermal energy uses for their own needs in drying and heating factory halls, etc. The new plant will bring us energy savings, as well as earnings. It is the whole process from wood to electricity, said Martina Ravlic Jankovic, director of Slavonia DI, adding that they opened around twenty new jobs.