Međunarodna energetska konferencija o biomasi i obnovljivim izvorima energije

Budućnost bioenergije u odnosu na fosilna goriva

Cluster Visits Serbia: Negotiations About the Conference in Nis

According to announcements, the day after the Congress of the Sawmill Industry, there was the 2nd International Conference “Forest Engineering of Southeast Europe” held in Serbia, organized by the Faculty of Forestry, University of Belgrade and Srbijasume (Serbian Forests). At the Conference the numerous topics regarding forestry were discussed and more than 80 eminent scientists and professors from related faculties from the region were present. Croatian Wood Cluster, as one of the guests at the Conference, presented the conclusions of the Congress, and exchanged views on important development issues regarding forestry and wood processing in the region. In cooperation with Srbijasume (Serbian Forests), traditional partner in the promotion of wood in SEE, the intensification of cooperation in the region in the form of organization of the central sectoral meeting in Nis, Serbia 2016 was discussed. The Cluster will provide organizational and logistic support, in particular with the inclusion of representatives of the Brussels administration and the main organizers will be Faculty of Forestry and Srbijasume (Serbian Forests).

This Year’s the Most Modest Edition of Ambienta Fair

Despite optimistic announcements, Ambienta, the 42nd International Furniture, Interior Decoration and Associated Industries Fair recorded the most modest edition in its history. The lack of serious interest of visitors, the media, and the most importantly, the absence of serious and representative exhibitors, except Spin Valis company, drew attention of the numerous sectoral critiques. This fair, unfortunately, is not comparable with the European sectoral trade fairs, which typically represent domestic wood-processing industry. The Director of Zagreb Fair, Marina Pavkovic, emphasized that AMBIENTA is our largest national furniture fair, but has gone through the turbulent years of the crisis.

Croatian Forests Ltd.: Signing of Contracts for 600,000 t of Wood Chips and Biomass

In the premises of the Ministry of Agriculture there will be signing of contracts with companies that have applied for the purchase of 600,000 t of wood chips biomass based on the public call from September 4th this year. The Committee of the Croatian Forests Ltd. received 54 applications and made a selection, on which 17 subjects had already made a complaint. The complaints are mostly dismissed and the contracts for the next 14 years will be signed with a total of 36 companies, which justified the requirements for the electricity and / or thermal energy production from cogeneration plants. The highest amount was granted to a company Slavonija OIE, 60,000 t, and the least allocated quantity is 1,000 t.

Pellets market developments

While most of the wood industry was struggling with the effects of the financial crisis and a critical drop in consumption, the wood energy sector was setting new records every year.
And indeed the numbers are impressive: in just six years, wood pellets consumption has increased more than 3 times ( from 4,6 mil. tons in 2006, to 14,3 mil. tons in 2012). In the same period, production tripled (3,5 mil. tons, up to 10 million), while imports rose five times (from just 800,000 tons in 2006, to 4,4 mil. tons in 2012). But so far, the potential of the market hasn’t reached its limits, as future expectations surpass any of these recent evolutions. (Source IHB)

EP voting about biomass!

The European Parliament took a big step towards a more reasonable approach to forestry in its plenary voting on Indirect Land Use change (ILUC) on 11 September. In the plenary the COMENVI proposals on possible holding level sustainability verification and cascading use of biomass were rejected. The EP also recognized the importance of lingo-cellulosic material as a future biofuel feedstock. The outcome of theplenary voting is also the result of an active and targeted lobbying by CEPF and its members. Only one less critical amendment (22) from the “CEPF Call For Action of 3 September” got adopted. From a forest owners perspective the text was significantly improved. (Source CEPF)

International conference on pellets

The International Pellet Conference will take place in Cologne, May 5th, 2011, during the professional fair Victam. It is organized by the European Biomass Association (AEBIOM). For the participation it is necessary to apply until April, 22 th. According to announcements, the main topics will be the current market situation, the certification, the importance of innovation and sustainability. More information on

Thematic session of Croatian government on biomass

In the beginning of February, in the organization of Exportdrvo, there was a lecture about cogeneration in the timber industry. In the end of 2010 Exportdrvo became the representative for the Italian company Turboden which is one of the most famous manufacturers of turbines for biomass processesing. On this occasion, president of the Association of wood processing industry at the Croatian Chamber of Economy Zdravko Jelcic, announced the upcoming thematic session in Croatian government about biomass, which will include issues of forest and wood biomass exploitation. The main purpose of the meeting is to present the Prime Minister and her coworkers all potentials and advantages of the wood industry in energy production from forest biomass as well as to encourage certain legislative changes and arrange the current “mess” on the market meaning the contracts for the biomass supply. President Jelcic pointed out that one of the criteria for the decision regarding contracts should be the level of the facility, instead of promises and plans which are currently applicable criteria.

German Pellets is building facility in the United States

During this year a german pellet manufacturer, German Pellets, is planning to build a large plant for pellet production in the United States. It is a joint-venture contract that the new company German Pellets USA should conclude with American company Westerwelt Renewable Energy. The plant will be located in Alabama and should be open in early 2012. Annual planned capacity is 250.000 tons which should be increased in future for 50% and reach an annual production of 500.000 tons.